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The nation of Panem is separated into a total of thirteen nation-states known as districts, twelve of which are recognized as operational by the [[/wiki/Capitol|Capitol]], and each being solely responsible for producing, procuring, or refining goods in a particular industry as dictated by the Capitol. All of the districts are subject to the unrelenting will of the authoritarian Capitol, and have no known influence concerning the national politics of Panem beyond their own individual territories.
The districts barely interact with each other, so each district generally has a unique culture unaffected by the other districts which strongly influenced by the goods it produces. Welfare levels vary significantly, and are often dependent on the goods it produces; some districts, such as 11 and 12, are far more impoverished than wealthier districts like 1,2, and 4, though apparently no district is nearly as wealthy as the Capitol itself.
Originally, there were thirteen districts in Panem. During the [[/wiki/Panem#The_Dark_Days|Dark Days]], the 13th district was obliterated by [[/wiki/The_Capitol|the Capitol]] and is no longer recognized as operational. Each District provides something different to the Capitol; for example, District 12 provides coal and District 4 provides fishing.

District 1

external image District1Seal.pngSeal of District 1.

District 1 is one of the thirteen [[/wiki/Districts|districts]] of Panem. Its industry is making luxury items for the [[/wiki/Capitol|Capitol]]. Due to the nature of its industry, it's considered the wealthiest district, the only other wealthier area being the Capitol itself. It is considered a career district. Little else is known about this district. At the end of Mockingjay, there are memorials made for the Tributes and Victors fallen from District 1, meaning District 1 has 148 of Panem's memorials in their District, notable ones being Cashmere, Gloss, Glimmer and Marvel.

District 2

external image District2Seal.pngDistrict 2's seal. Notice the block of stone and carving tool in the center.

District 2's seal depicts a block of stone and carving tools. The district's public presentation is that of stone quarries, but it also manufactures weaponry, trains, and supplies Peacekeepers. The main military in the district is known as the Nut. This district is sometimes called "the pets" of the Capitol. They are the biggest supporters of the Capitol therefore babied and given many extra conveniences.

District 3

external image District3Seal.pngDistrict 3's seal.

District 3's primary industry is general electronics of many types, though it is known for also making various mechanical products such as automobiles and firearms. Thus, many of its residents are technically apt. It is not considered a career district even though district 4 is.

District 4

external image District4Seal.pngDistrict 4's seal.

District 4's industry is fishing, thus most residents have experience using nets and tridents, making fishhooks from scratch, swimming, and identifying edible sea life. It is considered a Career district. Finnick and Annie live in this district. Finnick Odair is an important ally of Katniss Everdeen in the Quarter Quell.

District 5

This district's industry is currently unknown. Little else is known about this district. However, we do know that Katniss Everdeen met one of the winners from this district during the 75th Hunger Games.

District 6

This district's industry is unknown. In the 75th Games, you get to meet two of the past winners, who prove to be morphling addicts. Little else is known about this district.

District 7

external image District7Seal.pngDistrict 7's seal.

District 7's industry is lumber and many of its residents to have experience with hatchets, axes, saws, and other tree cutting tools. Also, Katniss notes that this district's children begin work at an early age. Johanna Mason, a victor, was born and raised in this district.

District 8

external image District8Seal.pngDistrict 8's seal.

District 8's principal industry is the production of textiles, and they have at least one factory that is primarily used for making [[/wiki/Peacekeeper|Peacekeeper]] uniforms. It was the first district to rebel after [[/wiki/Katniss_Everdeen|Katniss Everdeen]] spurred the revolution. The rebellion worsened conditions for residences and some, including [[/wiki/Bonnie|Bonnie]] and [[/wiki/Twill|Twill]], escaped. Though Bonnie and Twill never made it to safety in District 13.

District 9

District 9's industry is unknown.

District 10

Livestock is District 10's industry. Little else is known about this district.

District 11

external image District11Seal.pngDistrict 11's seal.

District 11's industry is agriculture--orchards and fields of grain and cotton surround the district. Almost everything grown is shipped directly to [[/wiki/The_Capitol|the Capitol]]. It is one of the poorest districts in Panem, second only to District 12. It is also one of the districts where the Peacekeepers are the strictest. Ironically, this directly results in its residents generally being malnourished and underfed despite its focus on agriculture. It has been said by Katniss(in Catching Fire) on her and Peeta's Victory Tour that District 11 is south of District 12.

District 12

external image District12Seal.pngDistrict 12's seal.

District 12 is located somewhere in the Appalachian mountains. Its chief industry is coal mining. The district has the distinction of being one of the poorest districts, if not the outright poorest, in all of Panem.
Before [[/wiki/Katniss_Everdeen|Katniss Everdeen]] and [[/wiki/Peeta_Mellark|Peeta Mellark]] won the [[/wiki/74th_Hunger_Games|74th Hunger Games]], the district has not had a winner of [[/wiki/The_Games|The Games]] emerge from the ranks of its residents for twenty-four years since [[/wiki/Haymitch_Abernathy|Haymitch Abernathy]], a raging alcoholic and an embarrassment to the district, won the [[/wiki/50th_Hunger_Games|50th Annual Games]] Before [[/wiki/Haymitch_Abernathy|Haymitch]], there was only one other victor from District 12, from an unspecified number of years previous.
District 12 is the laughing stock of Panem. Shortly after the abrupt end of the [[/wiki/75th_Hunger_Games|75th Hunger Games]] and during the opening hours of the [[/wiki/Rebellion|Second Rebellion]], District 12 was razed by the Capitol, using firebombs. Less than 900 people escaped, most thanks to the foresight of [[/wiki/Gale_Hawthrone|Gale Hawthrone]].

District 13

District 13 was one of the thirteen [[/wiki/Districts|districts]] of Panem. Its industry was nuclear weapons. It was supposedly obliterated during the [[/wiki/Panem#The_Dark_Days|Dark Days]] as a warning to the other twelve districts of the Capitol's might. The district is now said to be uninhabitable, the ruins supposedly still smoldering from the toxic bombs dropped upon it.
Unbeknownst to the majority of Panem's populace, District 13 was also responsible for the research and development of nuclear- and fission-based technology before the Dark Days. Though it did have a few graphite mines, graphite mining was not the principal industry in District 13.
It is revealed in [[/wiki/Mockingjay_(novel)|Mockingjay]] that the district is in actuality still operational, though it has seceded from the nation of Panem and operates covertly. While the surface of District 13 remains scarred and uninhabitable, its residents live deep underground, hidden away from the world and the eyes of the Capitol. It is used as a base for the Second Rebellion. The Capitol leaves District 13 alone, and none of it's residents participate in the Games because they are not ruled by Panem.

Career districts

Many of the wealthier districts such as Districts 1, 2 and 4, known as "Career Districts", have a more positive orientation toward the Hunger Games. As residents do not generally face extreme poverty and malnutrition as they do in more impoverished districts, their tributes are generally healthy and strong. In these districts, it is not uncommon for children to volunteer to be [[/wiki/Tributes|tributes]], as winning the Games is held in highest regard in these districts. Although it is against the rules of the Games, children in these districts are often specifically raised to participate in the Hunger Games, and thus are trained in the arts of combat and survival. Thus, they are typically known as [[/wiki/Career_Tribute|Career Tribute]], or "Careers" for short.